Obesity is not anymore an isolated problem. It has spread all over the world, with a few exceptions. There are many reasons for it, some biological and inevitable but most are caused by lack of fitness and unhealthy eating habits. Workout is something that is completely related to an individual’s fitness level. But what is achievable through solely a healthy eating pattern is astounding.

Initiating a diet plan is easy. What is not easy, however, is sticking to that plan. Every now and then there is a possibility of coming across something that will tempt you enough to deviate from your track. The busy schedules and hectic days come in the way of preparing healthy meals at home. There is a reason why the food delivery industry is soaring. Even when you decide to order food in, you are spoilt for choices regarding unhealthy food. But the delivery apps lack in providing a decent variety of healthy food options. Hence, making the unhealthy options look even more tempting. All these factors collaborate to make a big hurdle in sticking to a wholesome diet plan.

Say hello to Plotos! The first of its kind in the region. Plotos is not just a food delivery app. It is a wellness platform for the health-savvy. Armed with 9 versatile nutritional programs, Plotos is a customizable, healthy food delivery app. The app works in close collaboration with restaurant owners and chefs to ensure the customers always receive deliciously nutritious meals. The way it works is fairly simple. All you need to do is select the type of food you want. Whether it is calorie-specific, vegan, paleo or vegetarian, there is a wide variety available. Once that is done, you just need to select a restaurant and what you would like to order. The app displays the nutritional values of all the meals to help you keep track. Another interesting feature is the modification option available. While selecting a dish, you can alter the ingredients according to your needs. Combined with online payment option, geo-targeting and order tracking, the app is sure to get remarkable response.

Business is all about innovation. The want turns into need once it is brought to life. That is exactly what is happening with the delivery sector. A decade ago, it was not considered the necessity like it is today. The launch of Plotos proves that the huge void in the health food delivery sector is starting to get filled.

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