It is easy to say that the iPad Air 2 is an amazing device simply because it is an extremely light and thin tablet and yet so powerful, and that alone would be correct. But the truth is, the iPad Air 2 is a lot more awesome than simply amazing and going through the features that this tablet presents, it is easy to see that it is true. Apple basically took the iPad Air which everyone was sure was already the best tablet ever, and then made it into something entirely spectacular with the iPad Air 2. There isn’t so much different in the iPad Air 2, but the changes are what make it everything.

Size and weight

The iPad Air 2 comes in at an amazing 9.4 x 6.6 x 0.24 inches making it thinner than the iPad Air, and it weighs a lot less than the 1 pound of iPad Air at 0.96 pounds. Thus, even if the specs were the same, at a lesser weight and thinner frame, the user finds this version more enjoyable to use and it is also lighter to carry.


Definitely the retina display Apple has come to champion, this comes at 9.7 inches (diagonal) LED-back-lit Multi-Touch with IPS tech, a 2048×1536 res, it has fingerprint resistance, all like the iPad Air, but in addition has a fully laminated display with anti-reflective coating, making it the most antireflective tablet ever.


Camera is an 8MP, which guarantees awesome pictures, with autofocus and options for video at 1080 HD. The tablet comes with the new iOS 8 which has AirDrop, Control Center, Family Sharing, iCloud Drive and so much more including a number of interesting built in apps and available free apps on iTunes. The processor is in an A8X chip engineered with a 64-bit processor and an M8 motion coprocessor that says speed and efficiency at whatever gyro-axis. Bluetooth 4.0, superfast Wifi and LTE, HSDPA, CDMA along with Apple SIM for the cellular + Wifi models. The Apple SIM is available for only residents in the US and UK however.

Special features

The new iPad possesses the Touch ID app, enabling users to lock, open, and purchase using their fingerprints only. The scanner is built into the Home key and can be assessed easily from within applications. Artificial Intelligence in Siri enables voice-typing along with a number of voice-assisted commands including calling, texting, etc. Power lasts for 10 hours when surfing the web on Wifi or listening to music from the 27.3 watt-hour polymer battery. 9 hours battery life is available when using cellular data with the Wifi + cellular versions. Charging can be via the power cord or using USBs to connect to computers.

Why is it so amazing?

The design of the iPad Air 2 makes it not only light and easy, but so smooth and seamless to handle. Built in one package rather than in parts, the user feels like the device in their hands is compact, sturdy and powerful. And when the special features are taken into consideration, it is no wonder everyone regards the iPad Air as an amazing device.

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