A 2013 report, written by Arthur Habrial, and which sought to analyze social media progression since 2008 says that about one fourth of the world’s population utilize social media on a daily basis. That means that 1.7 billion people in the world are on Facebook (Habrial, 2013), Twitter, Instagram, Vine etc. There are several other statistics that show how huge social media has become, particularly in 2015 attracting and sustaining the interest of brands that are now more than ever interested in infusing more resources just to stay informed on the daily buzz or trends which are likely to stick around.

Here are 5 top social media trends that we think will endure till the end of 2015.

Integrated social advertising

Integrated social advertising has been around since 2014, but 2015 has seen it raise more than ever anticipated. Due to the ever changing form of the world and human behavior, it is becoming harder for brands to maximize their investments, and the solution is found with integrated social marketing. Brands are increasingly leveraging on agile marketing to connect better with their target audience or customers and to provide a more awesome consumer experience. The focus is always to establish brand recognition and drive sales. Everything is about sales. Yeah.

The mobile revolution

Mobile has taken over the world. And brands are forced to go to where the people are. Most people who use social media or surf the net today do so using mobile devices. The shift from desktop to mobile is final and brands and advertisers have got the message loud and clear and in turn have increased their advertising budget to reflect that change. Whether it has to do with search, social and or display, mobile is projected to take over in 2015 as the basic channel for brands to connect or reach their targeted customers. Every social network has to constantly improve their mobile experience.

Agile marketing

With agile marketing the attention in 2015 is not just about the need to go viral, but to deliver relevant contents at the right time to obtain spot-on reactions. 2015 will see brands monitor trends on whatever scale (big, small, general) per minute every day.

Wearable technology

The idea of wearable technology is so that tech can become a part of your normal everyday life without it becoming annoying. Wearable technology especially since the release of the Apple watches will see a great surge in 2015. It ranges from smart watches, to augmented reality glasses to even accessories such as bracelets.


If you noticed, since early 2015, video content and Vloggers (another word for Video bloggers) have rather become very popular, because whatever that you think you can say in a write-up can be said quicker and with greater impact with a short video. And this trend is sure to endure and even transcend 2015.

Vloggers are ordinary people who video tape their day to day life and share with their thousands of followers on social media networks to enjoy. In 2015, brands will be seen reaching out to vloggers in an unprecedented way for reviews and exposure – some of them will even begin to host their own vlogging channels. This trend is going to be very massive.

(The Evolution of Social Media: Habrial, 2013 http://socialmedialondon.co.uk/evolution-of-social-media/)


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