Let’s say you need to keep fit and monitor your health, but you have a lifestyle which makes it sort of difficult to do just that. What then? That’s where FitBit steps in and becomes exactly what you need. Believe it or not, we are seeing more companies coming up with innovative solutions to healthcare and what seems to be taking center stage at the moment is wearable technology.

So what is FitBit? At first glance it is just apparel; some tees and wristbands and similar products. What is special about the products designed by FitBit is that they have been crafted to help users reach their health and fitness goals in a manner that is congruent with their lifestyle. If you wanted to get in a bit more exercise into your daily routine for example, a FitBit fitness tracker could help you do that by monitoring your daily activity and helping you to identify the areas you can ramp things up some more in order to meet your daily goals.

FitBit, which operates out of San Francisco, has several products in its stable, but perhaps the most popular are the wearable wrist bands that can be used in tracking your heart rate. These are more than just pedometers as they do not only monitor the number of steps you take in a day, but also your heart rate. The Fitbit Flex and Charge HR are simple wristbands that you can wear all day. The Fitbit Flex combines as a sleep tracker while the Charge HR is one of the more accurate fitness trackers out there. It tracks your steps and your pulse, which is actually a more accurate way of tracking fitness than just tracking steps.

The Fitbit Charge HR is quite sturdy and the clasp fits really well so that you are in no danger of losing it. However the LED screen scratches easily, making it hard to read the monitor after a while. Another down side to the Fitbit wrist bands is that they are not waterproof, which means that you can’t use it while swimming. If you are a swimmer, this could be a downer. Besides that, Fitbit is rapidly becoming one of the leading designers of wearable tech for health and fitness.

Fitness is never more important than it is now, when links are being discovered between diseases and poor fitness. Diseases like diabetes 2, heart related diseases such as angina and even some form of depression as well.

So should you get any of the Fitbit products? The answer is Yes. Or perhaps, the answer is more correctly qualified. If you do own a health and fitness monitor like The Basis Peak or the Moto 360, then you probably do not need to get a Fitbit monitor. However, you should probably consider owning one of their breathable and moisture wicking apparel. And if you do not already own one of the wearable monitors, which are rapidly becoming popular, then this is a great chance to get one.

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