Comparing the latest products of the smartphone giants, iPhone and Samsung is a lot like comparing two heavyweight prize-fighters in their prime. iPhone’s latest flagship is the iPhone 6 and it is not too surprising considering the competition these manufacturers have been at for a time that the latest from Samsung is similarly called Samsung Galaxy S6. Comparing both phones, from their design, storage capacities, processors and general hardware, it is not surprising to note that while they differ in many regards, they remain similar in others.


The Samsung Galaxy S6 comes with what can only be described as a lightning fast 64 bit Exynos 7420 Octa-core processor making it the fastest and most powerful processor that Samsung has ever built and it has a 3GB RAM. This compares to the iPhone 6 which runs a 1.39GHz, 64-bit engineered dual core chip A8 processor and a 1GB RAM. Both phones come without microSD slots, which is new for the Samsung, though quite normal and even expected for the iPhone, though they both have a range of internal memory with the Galaxy S6 going from 32GB, 64GB and 128GB as compared to the iPhone available at 16, 64 and 128GB.

The iPhone 6 uses the iOS 8.3 operating system while the Galaxy s6 uses the Android 5.0 Lollipop.

Size and weight

The Samsung Galaxy S6 is 5.1 inches and thus is longer than the iPhone 6 which is 4.7 inches, though the iPhone 6 plus goes for a 5.5 inch length. Both have a similar thickness of 0.27 inches, though the iPhone 6 weighs less than the S6 at 129g as compared to 138g.


The iPhone 6 has a full HD display at 750×1334 pixels while the Samsung Galaxy S6 with the updated Super AMOLED screen has 1440×2560 pixels which gives life to the touted “HDTV in your hand” phrase touted on the site.

Other features

The other features claimed by these two brands include camera, which is a front facing 5MP and a rear 16MP, long lasting battery life up to 23hrs of talk time, 10hrs of 3G internet use, and 12hrs using Wifi or LTE and 57 hours of Music play, and connectivity options using Smart Switch, USB 2.0, Wifi, Bluetooth, etc. on the Samsung Galaxy S6. The iPhone 6 sports an iSight camera which is now adaptable for full HD and slow-mo effects, though these come at 8MP for the rear and 1.2MP for the front cameras, though the Apple 1810mAh battery lasts longer than Samsung’s.

Special features and effects

Both phones come with the innovative fingerprint scanner technology, which iPhone has dubbed Touch ID. In the iPhone, this app can be used to unlock the phone in a manner that is more secure than any password, and can also be used to make purchases on iTunes or iBooks. The iPhone also sports a new Wifi technology which makes it 3x as fast as any other smartphone when using Wifi, so you downloads definitely work faster with this option. With the Samsung Galaxy S6, some of the more interesting features include the quick launch camera, which can open in less than 2 seconds from any screen just by double tapping on the Home Key, it also charges faster especially using the inbuilt wireless charging capabilities which can take the battery from 0-50% in just about 30 minutes, and the inbuilt Gear Circle and Gear Fit app which works in coordination with S-Voice to enable the Samsung Gear.

Considering the options, especially the added features, higher resolution cameras and the faster processor speed, it is quite easy to agree with Mashable say that the Samsung Galaxy s6 comes out tops in this one and is indeed the “most advanced smartphone ever made”.

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