We are living in an era where we refer to Internet for opinion and that opinion can be for anything really. From clothes to booking air tickets to food we are reading it all online. Reading the experiences of people and the reviews and how they rate the overall experience and so on.

There are websites that actually make this possible. Tripadvisor does that for hotels. Rentalcars does that for car rentals. Yelp does that for lot of things and now Allin101 does that for restaurants.

Allin101 offers information about top 101 restaurants in many different categories and the website also has a special category “Street Bites” listing all the roadside eateries.

All the restaurants that are listed on Allin101 go through a fantastic process of being reviewed by a food critic and only then the place is listed on the website with true ratings and reviews. So as a reader you get expert opinion from the horse’s mouth.

For food lovers the website has a blog section is that is called “Gourmet Gossip” and to add more drama to the articles the website has a section called “101 Files” where you can find some great factual articles published on weekly basis “every Thursday”.

The rest you need to explore yourself. Signup to this amazing website now. Click here.


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