We are possibly living in the most connected era that the world or should I say human race have ever seen.

To text each other we have whatsapp and 100s of other messengers. To connect with work related people we have linkedin. To connect with pals and pals of pals we have facebook and to video chat with a friend 1000 miles away we have skype or google hangouts or what not … we have everything.

But let me tell you that we are also living in the most disconnected era. Yes we have all the tools but are we really making connections? Or are we into just time killing ramblings on these portals and then we fade away and the words fade away and the moment is gone. Because the people we meet and talk to on those portals will possibly never meet us in real.

We have lost the charisma of talking to “real” people. I have seen it many times that friends are meeting for coffee in a coffee shop and they are sitting together but everyone is busy on their smartphone. Where is the “connect”?

Yes I know you get 100s of likes and plenty of comments for a coffee pic that you put and post every morning on your wall but if you do not know your neighbor and cannot start a conversation in a networking event then … you think you are social? Think again!

Two friends. Judit Kovacs and Violetta Stier met in Dubai and embarked on a journey to make “social” life better for expats and they came up with the idea of a website that will bridge the gap between social connections on the Internet and the real life. A service that will help you find friends around you, in your building or the apartment block you live in and people around and probably your neighbor. Why not?

Today that journey is coming together. After 1000s of hours put in to design and development of this new online world called ExpatConnect.com. I have always believed that great companies are born when they solve a problem and ExpatConnect.com definitely solves a huge problem that is probably invisible to us at the moment. But once you start meeting people in real life that you connect with using ExpatConnect you will know that … wow yes your life is changing and becoming more socially connected for “real”.


Violetta Stier and Judit Kovacs (from left to right – Founders of ExpatConnect – image courtesy expatconnect.com)

The website offers free signup and is in beta stage at the moment and will be officially announced to the expats of UAE in September 2015.

Curious to know more?

Dive in >> www.expatconnect.com

From the Author.

I write less and I dont follow the grammar I follow my heart so my apologies for using so many extra dots here and there. Have a wonderful day.

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A technology lover artist living in Dubai. Founder of Innovation Agency known as 1CallGroup. Ammar loves technology and always love to find ways to mix it with art. Artist by heart and technologist by brain. Feel free to connect. @ammarakhtar on twitter and fb and linkedin.

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