When I was little, I used to watch a TV show where the lead character, a small boy, had a magic pencil. Whatever he drew using that pencil, came to life! So, if he wanted a new pair of shoes, all he had to do was draw them on a piece of paper and voila! A new pair of shoes just like he wanted. Now, imagine a pen that does something similar but nothing short of amazing. 3D printing pens are converting fantasy into reality with the help of super awesome technology and some skill from your end. Just insert a thin wire of plastic and you are good to go. You can draw whatever you want, in 3D, and keep it at home with you.
For example, if you want a phone case in a particular design that you can’t seem to find anywhere, just 3D print it! Draw your design, create your case and flaunt your originality. I hope you are beginning to see the endless possibilities here. Imagine you’re standing in front of an empty canvas with full freedom to draw and ‘create’ what you want. Don’t like the painting on your wall? Create a new one! Want a new and funky bracelet? You’ve got the power! Still don’t think it’s possible? Watch the video below to see what I mean! (Ironically it’s called ‘Making a YouTube logo’ and it’s uploaded on… well you know what I mean!)

Admittedly using the 3D pen requires some level of skill that can be acquired over time. When we think of the horizons that can be conquered with the help of this technology, it leaves us wonderstruck. Did you know that the fashion industry is revolutionizing the use of this pen by creating shoes, clothes, and accessories? Not just the fashion industry but every other industry is adapting this technology to test its limits. Imagine the advantages this technology can offer in the medical industry. The day the concept of 3D printed organ transplant becomes the norm in every medical center, is one day that we all look forward to in the future. Whether it’s used for manufacturing aerospace parts, or using this technology for a face transplant, and of course, printing edible food, it is clear that 3D printing is here for good and it is here to change our lives into something more awesome than it already is.

Here is a website that offers more insight into the different industries that are revolutionizing the use of 3D printing: http://3dprintingindustry.com/

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