The debate of Android vs iOS is a never-ending one. The debate doesn’t end; it just adds more contesting features to itself. Going by that logic, the newest contender to decide if having an Android phone or an iPhone is better is the Smartwatch. The extent to which both operating systems support the Smartwatch to make lives easier is a key deciding factor on who is inching closer to the finish line. I personally am an iOS fan and I’m not against Android (yes we exist!) because I have used and loved both equally. When it comes to Smartwatches however, I am unable to decide yet because it basically starts of the whole debate again: Which operating system makes the Smartwatch more useful? But I am not about to get into that. I am going to write about 3 Smartwatches: 1 that supports iOS only (obviously the Apple Watch), 1 that supports Android only (the Samsung Gear S2), and one that supports both (the Pebble Watch).

Apple Watch

Ok yes I am starting with the Apple watch because (as mentioned earlier) I am a fan of iOS. With an iPhone, the Apple Watch is the best Smartwatch on the market because its seamless connectivity with the iPhone, making full use of all its features, is the highlight of this watch. The downside? Battery life is terrible! But then, it’s not like the iPhone has amazing battery life that this disappoints us (Apple users know what I’m talking about). The design is smooth and as is the norm with Apple devices, one button controls all. However with the Apple Watch, there is also a Digital Crown and a Force Touch feature. There are no crash issues, it is not phone-dependent (you can use the apps on the watch if it is just connected to the same WiFi as the phone’s), and for fitness lovers: it is a dream come true. You can track your heart-rate, the amount of exercise that you do, all while listening to music through a Bluetooth headset. Pick up the Apple Watch by all means: if you are a fan of Smartwatches and would like to extend your technology to your wrist.


Samsung Gear S2

With a slightly sharper display than Apple Watch, Samsung seems to have grasped the concept of Smartwatches better with the Gear S2. A different feature of the Gear S2 is the presence of a rotating bezel, apart from the usual touch screen, which sets it apart from other Smartwatches. Adding on to the health aspect is an app that monitors your daily water and caffeine intake (water I’ve heard of but caffeine is a first). Smooth and classy, this watch also has a tiny keyboard with emoticons so you can respond to messages although I am not sure how people can adjust to the tiny watch screen after using big screens on their smartphones. Fan of Android? Want to try out a ‘smart’ Smartwatch? Give the Gear S2 a shot.



Where can you find a Smartwatch that has a surprisingly large battery life, fancy look with customizable watch-faces, water resistant to up to 30m, and can be used with either of the two dominating OSes in the market? The answer is: in a Pebble. Clearly a Smartwatch winner, the Pebble has features that rivals the Android and iOS giants and yet works with both of them seamlessly. If my watch’s battery doesn’t last for at least a minimum of two years, there’s no point in having gotten that watch at all. And if my Smartwatch promises to stay with me for a week (!) why would I go and look anywhere else? A unique feature of the Pebble watch is that it doesn’t believe in having a traditional touch screen and it has an E-ink display that gives it a longer battery life and it can be kept on at all times (like a traditional watch, rather than having to press a button to check the time). The Pebble watch however does not let its lack of a touchscreen get in the way of a plethora of apps that it has access to and that lets us personalize our watch the way we want it. Pebble is a force to reckon with because it believes in tradition but does not leave out modernity with its watches.


My personal favourite?

My vote goes to the Pebble watch because it gives me the feeling of a traditional watch but also has the features of a modern Smartwatch thereby creating a perfect blend between the old and the new. Plus, I don’t have to change to a new Smartwatch if I feel like switching from iOS to Android and vice-versa. Isn’t that the dream?

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