Many companies have become synonymous with the product or service they offer, so much so that people forget that it is a brand and think it is the product itself. For example, we don’t say let’s search about something online, we say let’s Google it. Going by that example, I think pretty soon all of us are going to be saying let’s Fetchr it rather than say let’s courier it. Because Fetchr is all set to revolutionize the act of sending or receiving packages.

Imagine a standard parcel-receiving experience: You place your order, you impatiently wait for the sign to read ‘Out for delivery’ and brace yourself for the incoming barrage of phone calls from the delivery person asking you for the right address, the directions, any landmarks and so on. Imagine being in a very important meeting at this time. You need to receive your package but your boss keeps glaring at you every time you pause to attend the call and give directions.

Fetchr’s main USP is this: Why waste time on directing someone to your house when they can simply use your location using GPS and find your house through their own Google Maps. With a click of a button, you share your location with them and all you have to do next is kick back and wait for your package to be delivered to you (no phone calls and no confusion)! The delivery person need not know your surroundings like the back of his hands. He just needs to follow Google Maps and reach your package to you safe and sound.

This concept is, what I believe, one of the right ways to use the right technology in order to get what you want without any hassle. After all, technology is here to make life easier isn’t it? By making all things mobile, Fetchr is tapping into the right user base (smartphone users, online shoppers, basically anyone who wants to send or receive a package) at the right time (when everything is available in your smartphone). Rather than driving around to figure out from which courier service you want to use to send your package, just tap your app and Fetchr it, all while staying in the same place. That sounds lovely doesn’t it?

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