There is no doubt that the e-Commerce industry has changed our lives for the better. The very comfort of sitting at home, choosing what you want while you are in your personal space, the impatient wait that follows after you checkout the cart, and the sheer joy in seeing your order in 3D is something that is worth experiencing. And e-Commerce giants tap into this emotion very cleverly, enticing us with offers on a product that we wanted to buy but bailed out at the last minute and making it absolutely irresistible to refuse. Are you tempted to check out an e-Commerce site right now? I would recommend Jadopado.

Although it faced stiff competition from the likes of, this e-Commerce website knew the potential of the Middle East market and has withstood the test of time. I would say, it is in the UAE market at the right time, the time before major e-Commerce giants would take the leap any moment. By establishing itself as a trusted online shopping portal, Jadopado has ensured that even the presence of giants would do nothing to shake its standing in the Middle East market.

Let me ask you if you would like to make money out of an e-Commerce site as opposed to spending your money on them? If you answered yes, then head out to Jadopado. With its affiliate program, you get commissions for recommending items to your friends and when they buy them. It’s basically like this: you go out with your friends to a mall, you suggest a few items from different stores and if they buy it, your cash register rings. With Jadopado, the only difference is that you do it virtually, in your own free time, and with your laptop. Easy way to get some extra income on the side, eh?

In my opinion, this is a brilliant strategy because the very idea of funding your e-Commerce purchases (and justifying them too) by becoming a personal shopping guru for your friends and family hits two birds in one stone. Your friend wants to buy a new phone case? Recommend something to her and once she buys it, treat yourself to the pair of shoes you have had your eye on for a while. It’s a win-win situation don’t you think? *rushes to sign up*

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