Dubizzle is like the national app of the UAE. Every time you ask someone about renting a house, buying furniture, job-hunting, selling your used items, or hiring someone for their services, the first word that comes out of their mouth would be Dubizzle. Dubbizle’s success is so huge that it has become a household name. When a successful giant like invests in an app exclusively for fashion, it makes you feel all the more excited to try it out and spread the word doesn’t it.

Presenting, Shedd. Named after the act of a snake shedding its skin, the founders believe that our fashion choices change constantly that it is like shedding our second skin and getting comfortable in a new one. Shedd works on the principle of hashtags, which is borrowed from Instagram but works effectively so with this app as well. It has options for online payment or face-to-face payment which I believe is a new concept for a fashion app. For people uncomfortable with sharing their bank details online, this is a step in the right direction. However, we should also consider the authenticity of people willing to pay in person for safety reasons. But, let’s not dwell on that.

The app opens with a demand to know your location so it can provide you with the most relevant results around your area. And it is mandatory to have an account if you want to sell or contact a buyer. As mentioned earlier, the app works on the hashtag principle and so if you want to make the sell it is very important that your hashtags match your item. The app gives you the option to sell new or pre-used items and insists on picture quality and relevant hashtags for better exposure. The app also has a chat feature for any queries that might arise.

For all us Dubizzle lovers, it is easy to love Shedd as well. If you are looking for a comfortable and easy way to sell your fashion items online and share your love for fashion, your search ends here.

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