I heard about TaskSpotting from my sister who told me to try out the app to get free samples of a pasta brand. The mention of free samples immediately pushed me to install the app and explore it to see what it was all about. By answering a few simple questions, I had booked myself a free pasta sample from the brand. I did not give it much importance initially because I wasn’t sure of the authenticity of the whole charade. However, I changed my mind because I did receive a free sample (and it was two boxes of pasta and two bottles of sauce, mind you) and all they asked for in return was that I try the pasta, give them feedback and share it on my social network pages. Now who wouldn’t want that?

The concept behind TaskSpotting is quite simple. Try out our product, give us feedback and spread the word. I believe it is inspired from mystery shopping except that here the process is virtual. Imagine getting free samples from brands in exchange for reviewing their product which hardly takes a lot of time. The same thing happened with a Shampoo brand and from then on, TaskSpotting has gotten me hooked. Now, I am not saying that every ‘mission’ will include a free sample but it gives you a platform to express your opinion on a particular brand (that subscribes for missions with TaskSpotting) in a serious way. And brands get direct feedback which is invaluable.

Now it’s not just about the free samples, it’s also about the cash. The more missions you complete you get paid accordingly. I haven’t reached that level yet but the more missions you complete, the higher your rank is and the closer you reach to getting paid. It’s an easy way to make some cash or get some samples and it doesn’t take much of your time! Sounds like a dream doesn’t it?

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