In an earlier post, I wrote about Fetchr and how it is revolutionizing the delivery services industry. Going by that vein, I thought I’ll mention a few other companies that have gone along the lines of, “Why don’t you Google it?” In this post, we focus on 4 companies like that: dubizzle, Quora, Cobone, and Zomato.


Anyone and everyone in the UAE know about dubizzle. It is Google’s equivalent of buying and selling anything and it is the ideal site for job-hunting. When I wanted to find out about a job-portal that will get me a job in Dubai, mind you I must have asked at least 15-20 people, every hand pointed to dubizzle. Such is the popularity of dubizzle. When I relocated to Dubai, I was armed with the dubizzle app and it was with great ease that I was able to furnish my apartment. The seamless integration between buyers and sellers is a major selling point for this app/website. The fact that there is no online payment option in this site is even better because it leaves no room for fraud. I guess there is a reason why this app is the best around: it actually cares about making lives easier for people.



Earlier there used to be Yahoo! Answers for a Q & A forum but where Yahoo! Answers failed, Quora succeeded (and massively so!). With legitimate answers from the right kind of people, Quora has become THE place to go to for any discussions or questions that we might have. I am a regular user of Quora and not once have I come across any fake or spam answers that would make me want to quit the site. By giving users a chance to upvote an answer, Quora has successfully bridged the gap between answer-seekers and answer-givers. What’s unique about Quora is that the people who answer the questions are actually people who have great knowledge about the subject. For example, if there was a question about working in Facebook, a person who actually works in Facebook gives an answer, making it a more reliable source. I guess people wanted a safe and genuine platform to share their views and experiences which is why we do not see a lot of unnecessary answers being upvoted. Quora’s sophistication has made it what it is today!



Who doesn’t love a good deal? Getting a service/product at a lesser price than the original? Makes you excited to know more doesn’t it? With UAE’s very own Cobone, you don’t need to look further. Sightseeing in UAE is a bit expensive but it doesn’t have to be anymore thanks to Cobone. By introducing the concept of deals on various services, Cobone has made it easier for customers to experience new things and for companies to get more customers. By offering a deal about their product, companies give customers a taste of what they have been missing and customers wouldn’t hesitate to spread the word or visit them again without the deal. By working on this give and take policy, Cobone has surely captured all our hearts and has made it mandatory for us to visit it once in a while, snag a good deal and have the time of our lives!



Ah, food! Everyone is a foodie at heart (I believe). I mean no one can so no to a sumptuous meal at any time of the day. By tingling our taste buds, Zomato has made itself THE place to go to for all things food. Hungry? Open Zomato and identify if there are any good restaurants nearby. On a budget, set your filter settings accordingly and find out the right place for you. Willing to try out a new restaurant?  Check out what ratings everyone has given to a particular restaurant before experiencing a rude surprise! The rise of Zomato’s fame is nothing short of magnificent. Restaurants have a ‘Rate us on Zomato’ sticker which goes to show how much the public depends on Zomato for their food needs. By having an online order/payment option, Zomato has left no stone unturned in its quest to provide a good website/app for all things food. And, come on, we love it too!


These companies have carved a niche for themselves by looking at people’s needs and creating something comfortable for them, which is one of the reasons why they are huge successes themselves. No matter how many other companies crop up with the same idea, it is safe to say that these companies are the pioneers in their fields and they will stop at no lengths to maintain the good name they have with their customers.

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