As is the case with the launch of a new iPhone, the iPhone 6C is also rumoured to be faster, efficient, and super good-looking with the whole bunch of Apple ancillaries like the touch ID added to it. The iPhone 5C was pretty popular among trendy youngsters who loved the concept of bright-coloured iPhones and were ok with ignoring the plastic case (I had a blue iPhone 5C and remember flaunting the bold colour). The 6C with better specs and metal casing is clearly a winner in the making. However, there is more. The 6C is rumoured to be waterproof and sport a 4-inch screen with very similar specs as the iPhone 5S, one of Apple’s best smartphones till date. The 6C is rumoured to have a 1,642 m-Ah battery, 2GB ram and an A9 processor. But it’s high time Apple ditches the 16GB storage model because frankly, that’s only around 11GB space for us and at this age and with such a powerful smartphone, that’s too less. The launch of the iPhone 6C is rumoured to be announced around March, 2016 so it’s not really that much of a wait for Apple fans.

*Just a concept image

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