When the initial prototypes of wearable tech arrived, people focused more on the technology than the design. Let us take the example of the mobile phone. The initial mobile phones were big, bulky, and had none of the features that smartphones these days have. However, as people became used to the technology and demand increased, the focus turned to not just improving the technology but also making it fashionable for people to show off. The same thing is happening for wearable technology as well and I think it is the same in the case of any new tech. Companies are now on the warpath to design innovative and stylish technology and there are a few who are succeeding at both. Granted some of the items on this list are still not available for sale but it makes us excited for the future!

  1. Solar clothing

Imagine being able to charge your phone whenever you want to, without searching for sockets to plug your charger in. Well, I’m not talking about a powerbank, this is something better than that. You see, a powerbank, while useful, has every chance of being left at home if you leave it in a hurry. But you know what you won’t forget no matter how much in a hurry you are? Your clothes. And with solar clothing, all you need to do it pick up your smartphone and head out because your clothes can charge your phone. Wearable Solar, a start-up company has designed fashionable shirts that are powered with solar energy and for one hour in the sun, can charge your phone up to 50%. The shirt also has an invisible battery pack (it’s in the shirt’s front pocket) that can store energy for use later. This technology works by incorporating thin film solar cells and integrates electronics with clothing to form safe and good-looking attire. It’s futuristic and fashionable isn’t it?


  1. Chameleon clothing (well, almost!)

Have you ever been chided for wearing the same colour over and over again? (I have, for wearing black all the time!) Put your worries to rest because with Rainbow Winters’ touch-sense-sound multisensory clothes, your clothes change colour according to its surrounding, similar to a chameleon except that it doesn’t change to the colour of your surroundings. It’s like wearing different coloured clothes at the same time except that you don’t have to change anything. The clothes change colour in response to sunlight, or when in contact with water, or simply at different viewing angles. It’s like a multicolour show but with just one dress! Exciting!


  1. Running socks to prevent injury

Sensoria appeals to the runners and the fitness enthusiasts with its futuristic socks that can help prevent running injuries, which are more common than you think.  With an app that provides you with real-time feedback about your running, these socks ensure that you run the right way and monitors your activity. With smart sensors that detect your feet movement, these socks warn you if you are about to injure yourself by running from its smart app and help you to identify the right way to run. Many people may give up exercising because they hurt their foot while running. Well, Sensoria socks are here to ensure that that doesn’t happen and that you stick to your exercise regime.

753077-Smart Socks

  1. Design your sneakers differently, every day

If you are someone like me, someone who gets bored of designs easily, then Shiftwear is your dream come true. The most-good looking ones or the ones that you like are either too expensive or not available in your size and let’s face it, it annoys you. But with Shiftwear, you get to decide the design on your sneakers, and stream it from your smartphone to your shoe. Fan of Star Wars? Have something related to Star Wars on your shoe for however long you want! Do you want to be part of the latest movie trend that is catching up? Change your sneakers with your design and boast that they were custom-made. Fully customizable, waterproof, wireless charging, walk-to-charge, with 30 days battery life, what more are you looking for? Still not convinced, maybe the video will help!

  1. A new twist to an old tradition

During the times before technology took over, it was a classic romantic gesture to gift your loved one with a locket that had both your pictures on it. Now imagine if you can do the same, but you can upload 100s of images of the two of you together instead of just one. Pretty exciting isn’t it? And with Purple, you can do just that. Adding a twist to an age old concept, Purple’s locket not only looks stylish but it prevents you from opening your smartphone every time you feel like looking at your loved one’s pictures. Their belief is that a USB socket on a locket doesn’t look stylish enough and so Purple comes with a small ceramic bowl that charges the locket, so all you have to do is drop it in its own jewellery charging station (the bowl) and go to sleep. Now I’m waiting for this to be released so I can own it because the concept itself is so romantic, yet modern that it’s exciting to see how this one would turn out to be!


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