While browsing for start-ups across the UAE, I came across Teach Me Now, and I think it is an absolutely brilliant idea mainly because it combines the age old practice of teaching with modern day technology and does so seamlessly. By making a virtual world where tutors and students can interact and learn, Teach Me Now has basically bridged the gap that separates the learning world. By maintaining the anonymity of its students and tutors, this start-up ensures that its members are protected. One different thing about this is that it also offers options for parents to sign up for their kids, so they can monitor the tutoring activities that go on at this website, giving them the peace of mind of their kids being safe from online troublemakers. There is no limit to the learning experience this site offers. Do you want to learn a different language and satisfy your interest? Or do you want your child to excel at math by being tutored by professors of Ivy League colleges?  The list and possibilities are endless.

And it doesn’t end there. The website has special features for kids with learning impairments to be able to study as well. A Dyslexic button in the site changes the layout and font of the website to make it easy for kids to follow through.

The concept is simple and the execution is simpler. In just 3 steps, you can choose your tutor based on your subject and the reviews they have gathered, schedule a class whenever comfortable, and start learning! Each tutor gets to choose the hourly rate they charge and each student gets the first 10 minutes of the class absolutely free, so he can assess his tutor and feel comfortable. By giving parents full control of monitoring the child’s activities on Teach Me Now, this website focuses on keeping everyone at ease. As their tagline goes, ‘Anyone can teach and anyone can learn.’

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