On Friday, tech circles were buzzing about Peach, a new social network that had just hit the block. Created by Dom Hoffman, the founder of Vine, Peach received a warm welcome with it trending on Twitter and people willing to try it out. So what exactly is Peach?

I downloaded the app and decided to give it a try myself. It looks like a cross between a messaging app and a social networking app, with all your friends’ updates showing up in the form of a text message preview. Peach works with the concept of ‘magic words’ which lets you choose a GIF, or doodle something and share it with friends. For example, type the word GIF, with your category, and choose from a collection of GIFs to post as an update. Other magic words include:

  1. Shout: Write a few words in a really big font with a background colour.
  2. Draw: Opens a doodle screen for you to doodle (duh!)
  3. Song: Share whatever song that is playing on your phone at the moment.
  4. Rate: Rate anything on a scale of 1-5.

Basically words like hello, goodnight, good morning, and many other generic words gives you a list of things to post.

peach peach2

Peach looks very promising but still needs a lot of improvement. It is similar to messaging apps because of its layout but it is different in the sense that it is a social networking messaging app. Rather than texting a friend good morning, you update it and it appears like a text message to all your friends. It’s an interesting combination with the usage of GIFs making it more interesting but will it become the next Facebook, Twitter, or Whatsapp? Let’s wait and see!

*Peach is only available for download on iOS.

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