The rumour mill never stops working. This time, it is abuzz with rumours that Twitter is all set to remove its 140 character limit and upgrade it to 10,000 characters. This change is likely to be implemented as early as the end of Q1 this year.

Twitter’s rise to fame has been nothing short of phenomenal and its main USP is its 140 character limit. While posting something on Facebook is fairly easy, Twitter challenged the minds of its users by setting this limit and encouraging them to unleash their creativity. Brands, consumers, and stars alike, rose to this challenge and have been fairly successful with this limit itself. This limit has led to many creative campaigns that emphasized the message of short and sweet. With the increase in character limit, however, I believe that Twitter is following the lines of Facebook and by doing so, is going to lose its originality. Twitteris all about short descriptions and quick information rather than the drawling bursts of information that Facebook gives. An avid Tweeter, tweets for the pleasure of the time-crunched individuals who just want to glance at what’s happening rather than go in-depth. By taking this away from Tweeters, Twitter is simply joining the bandwagon and putting an end to people’s creativity in conveying an important message in a fun, 140 character limit.

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