Netflix comes to UAE

The term ‘Netflix and Chill’ is now relevant to the UAE as well with the internet TV giant launching its services in the United Arab Emirates. Yes that’s good news indeed! For people unfamiliar with Netflix, it provides on-demand internet streaming media; basically you get to watch TV online, some of which are popular shows and some are Netflix original shows that are unavailable to see anywhere else.

Netflix is expanding rapidly, having recently launched in India and now in the UAE. For starters, they are offering a one month free trial after which each month will be charged around Dh30 to Dh44 per month. However, a disappointing thing to note is that not all of Netflix’s original series are available in the UAE. But I guess we wouldn’t have to worry much because Netflix’s vice president for communications, Joris Evers, said, “Today is day one for Netflix in the Middle East. We will be learning from our new members starting now and will be growing our offering significantly,” he said.

These words give us hope that the series list will be expanded considerably in the following months. Another important thing to note is that Netflix is also available in Arabic, raising its total number of languages to 21.

List of series that Netflix is yet to make available to the UAE (Source: The National)

House of Cards

The Office (US)


The Walking Dead

It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia


How I Met Your Mother

Arrested Development

Sherlock (UK series)

The West Wing


Family Guy





Orange Is The New Black

The Killing (US Series)

Django Unchained

Inglorious Basterds

Netflix is now in serious competition with other UAE players like OSN, ICFLIX, Starz Play, and Eros Now. Will it be able to create a niche market for itself? Will it be as successful as it is in the USA? What are your thoughts?

You can access Netflix at

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