Candy Crush upgrades to Jelly and… wow!

Yes, I know, the first thought that pops into our heads when we say Candy Crush is those annoying Facebook invitations! I have been a victim of those and I made sure that I never sent out any to anyone. That is not the purpose of this post, however.

King’s newest instalment to the Candy Crush Saga is Candy Crush Jelly and I must say, after the rather boring ones like Blossom Blast Saga and Bubble Witch Saga (Ugh!), King is back to adding sweetness to our lives with Jelly. Candy Crush Jelly is interesting, tough, and challenges our minds with its levels. The main advantage of this game, however, is its battle against the Jelly Queen, which will have you at your wits ends in defeating her. By introducing a mobile villain (much like playing against the ‘computer’ in our PCs), King is possibly on its way to revolutionizing the mobile game industry (as it did with Candy Crush’s insane success). I always used to believe that computerised villains were just there to scare us and it was easy to win against them in the earlier levels but Jelly Queen proved me wrong. By making a villain as smart as we are and by making it difficult for us to score an easy win, Jelly finds its place in our competitive nature and urges us to do better. Now, I haven’t reached the later levels yet; I’m still stuck trying to defeat the Jelly Queen. But, if this is how it is going to continue in the later levels with tougher fights, then bring it on because I am up for a challenge!

candy crush

Rumours are rife that King is going multiplayer, maybe with Jelly Saga or a brand new game. “This is something we have considered and are thinking about exploring,” says Candy Crush Senior Vice President Tjodolf Sommestad. “We are interested in doing more, but we think this is the first step.”

There are also rumours of Candy Crush being compatible with smartwatches. If that becomes the case, we would no longer be looking at our watches to tell someone the time (who does that nowadays?) because we would be looking at our watches all the time, trying to defeat an AI boss or some other player from across the world in a battle that challenges our wits.

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