Kiba is a smart camera that records the moments in your life and edits key moments from it and lets you view and save it.

Have you ever had a moment in life that you wish was recorded as it was happening so that you don’t have to recreate it again? Moments like a surprise gift from your parents, a proposal from your loved one, your baby’s first steps, and many more are events that need to be recorded in the moment than rewinding and enacting the same thing again. Presenting to you, Kiba, your very own smart camera that records these moments from one corner and lets you re-live the actual moment than a created one.

Kiba is a small camera with a field of view of 94 degrees that can be set up at any corner of your house. Now, you can do that with any camera but it will record even the mundane activities around your house and you will have to sit and edit through hours of footage before finding the one you like. Not with Kiba. Kiba has a Joy Ranking algorithm that focuses on the level of movement and noise (to deduct excitement) and filters out these moments alone within the device itself and sends them to your app. It erases all those mundane everyday activities and records 5 major events in each day and sends them to you. You can then choose which moments to keep and which to discard. 

Kiba Smart Camera – What makes it even more special?

The Kiba website highlights six important features of the camera that is definitely something we all need!

  1. It shoots videos in 1080p HD resolution and it has a 13 MP camera for still pictures.
  2. Kiba accepts voice commands to click a selfie, start or end a recording, and to power on and power off the device.
  3. It automatically edits the important parts of the day and sends them to you eliminating the need of going through many hours of video of your day-to-day activities.
  4. If you want your Kiba to start recording an event on a particular day and time, just set it up on the app. No more running around to switch on the camera.
  5. Kiba is portable. This means that you don’t have to run around with a huge tripod and wires and connect your camera. Just lift it and keep it wherever you want to.
  6. You don’t want your private videos open for public and Kiba understands that. It encrypts your video and gives you the freedom to share only what you want.

Kiba sounds really promising in the sense that it captures the moments that you would want to relive with the power in your hands. Imagine having to hire a photographer for every special moment in your house. Whether it is a romantic gesture or the announcement of a good news, how weird would it be to have someone with a camera, invading a moment that should be highly personal. Now imagine recording these memories in the privacy of your home whilst enjoying the moment. Wouldn’t we all want that?

Check out Kiba in action here:

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