Fitness is the ‘in’ thing right now; everyone wants to be fit and healthy.

Fitness is a welcome trend for this ‘smartphone’ generation. There’s a teeny tiny problem however. Not all of us feel like getting up and going to the same gym and doing the same old workout over and over again (unless you have a personal trainer). And not all of us can afford a personal trainer! Variety is the spice of life and we would like that variety incorporated in our fitness regime as well.

Some days we feel like doing a bit of Yoga and some days we want to go all out for strength training. But imagine the costs of going for all these classes not to mention the time constraint that we all have. You can’t book Yoga for two days and cross train for another two without paying separately for those two classes can you? Wrong! With Classdive, you can choose what workout you want to do on a particular day and at a very reasonable monthly price too! Confused?

fitness surprised

I visited and was pleasantly surprised to find a monthly price tag of AED 399. But what was better was that with the Classdive pass, I get the option of selecting the best fitness centers in Dubai and book classes for the type of training I want to get at my convenient time! If I feel like doing Yoga today, I can go to Classdive and book a class at a yoga studio for a particular time that suits me! All I need is the Classdive pass. My dashboard tells me about my upcoming classes and gives me a variety of fitness center options!

Another beauty about this concept is that it gives me the freedom to choose my studio for every single workout. If I were part of a regular gym, I would have to rush to make it to my session. But with Classdive, I can choose my kind of fitness workout at a place that is closest to me and finish my workout without the obligation of having to go to the same place over and over again. Plus I have the freedom to cancel my membership whenever I want and renew it monthly rather than those gyms who charge annual membership fees. It’s convenient and adapts to your work schedule! This kind of inspires us to work out every day because of the proximity of the studios to wherever we are. And the variety we get without having to pay for two different types of fitness training is the cherry on top of the cake! Quite interesting isn’t it?

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*ok that’s me at the gym! 😛


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