The iPhone 5SE is a smaller, 4-inch iPhone that is rumoured to launch in March, 2016. It’s an upgrade to the iPhone 5s and is touted to come in Apple’s newest rose gold colour and even has live photos but not the 3D touch feature. 3D touch still remains exclusive to the iPhone 6S users. The iPhone 5SE (the SE stands for special edition) has almost all the features of the 6S like the A8 chip, 8 MP rear camera, NFC to support Apple Pay, the ability to click live photos, and a barometric sensor. Though it is an upgrade to the 5S, it is unclear if the 5SE will have a fingerprint sensor. Rumoured to be priced the same as the iPhone 5S, this phone is being launched for patrons who do not want to upgrade to a bigger iPhone just yet. It is likely that the 5SE will be available for sale by April.

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Apple’s new 4-inch phone and a new 9.7 inch iPad will be launched on March 21st, according to the rumour mill.

The 5SE will support Live Photos but not 3D touch (which is exclusive to the iPhone 6S and 6S plus). There is also a rumour that the phone will have a hot pink colour model. It is also rumoured to have the 6S’s A9 processor and of course, Touch ID.

As for the 9.7 inch iPad is a smaller version of the iPad Pro but will have 4 stereo speakers, support for the Apple Pencil, and the new Smart Connector that can connect accessories like the Smart Keyboard. It is highly likely that Apple will stop production of the iPad mini and iPad mini 2, along with the first generation iPad Air, after the launch of this new 9.7 inch iPad.

*Stay tuned for more updates.

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