The Doki watch is the world’s first smartwatch for kids and is all set to revolutionize the smartwatch market. When I came across the Doki watch and it read smartwatch for kids, I figured it would be some fancy smartwatch with colourful displays and funky designs; I hardly expected it to be so useful to their parents. I was proved wrong when I dug deeper and did some research on it.

This smartwatch for kids is AWESOME!

The Doki watch is a dream come true for parents who are worried about their children’s whereabouts, so in short, for all parents. It packs a multitude of utilities in a fancy package that I foresee every kid with a Doki smartwatch and every parent in a relaxed state of mind. First of all, it provides a video call facility that is an innovation in the smartwatch sector. Parents can call their kids any time and talk to them and see if they are safe. That itself is a win for Doki.

It seems like Doki designed this with a parent’s mindset in mind but in a way that kids won’t be too against it. We all have chided our mother for being too worried about us without understanding her need for worry. But by making this smartwatch for kids, Doki gets two birds in one stone. First off, it is not a smartphone that takes up too much of a kid’s time when he is outdoors. Secondly, it still lets kids talk to their parents any time they want (even on video) to give parents the much needed peace of mind. Which parent would want to give their kid a smartphone for keeping in touch when they can give them such an effective smartwatch that the kid can wear while playing outside?

*parents be like yaaay!

Apart from the amazing video call feature, Doki also has features like one-way messaging where the parent can text their kid and the kid can reply with a voice message. You can also communicate with emojis thereby maintaining the same ‘cool’ level as your kid. And kids can add their friends with Doki watches and communicate with them as well! You can store your numbers as contacts for easy accessibility and it also has a cute Doki pet for your kid to play with.

Coming to the serious stuff, the Doki watch has an emergency button that kids can activate by holding for 3 seconds. Once the emergency button is activated, the Doki watch sends a notification to all the contacts on the watch, records 60 seconds of atmosphere noise, and sends you the kid’s location every 60 seconds till you deactivate it. This provides much needed information during an emergency and the very fact that it alerts parents immediately saves valuable time. Imagine your kid being in an emergency and you not finding out until it’s too late. Doki’s smartwatch for kids eliminates that feeling of terror to an extent.

Doki is on the right track by creating a smartwatch for kids that is cool among kids without being too distracting and a welcome relief to parents.

*Doki watch plans to commence shipping from May 2016. Check out their website here: 

Doki watch in action:

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