A smart toothbrush for kids sounds unique and I’m sure parents already have a small idea about what it is. As many parents can relate, getting your kid(s) to brush their teeth first thing in the morning is one of the toughest tasks in the world! Believe me, I’ve seen my sister struggle with her son every morning by bribing him or cajoling him; it’s practically turned me off to having kids! But, there is a solution to every problem and this smart toothbrush might just be it.

Presenting Grush: The Gaming Toothbrush for kids! Yes the concept is pretty guessable from the tagline; it is a toothbrush that will educate and entertain kids at the same time. Grush is an advanced Bluetooth motion sensing toothbrush that works with an app on a smartphone. The app has games for kids that will show them the teeth that they are brushing as they are brushing it. It is a way for kids to see how they brush their teeth and know about the advantages of doing so. The game has bug like creatures that need to be brushed away for good oral hygiene. The app also has interactive instructions on how to brush correctly and rewards kids according to how well they have brushed and how clean their mouth is.

smart toothbrushsmart toothbrushsmart toothbrush

Grush has been developed with 3 people in mind: parents, kids, and dentists. For parents, it is a way to make the mundane but very necessary task of brushing fun for their kids. For kids, it is a fun way to start the day and to maintain proper oral hygiene. For dentists, it is a way to keep track of their patient’s dental habits (the app stores reports) and suggest treatments accordingly.

Grush is a fun and interactive way to help kids get interested in brushing every morning without throwing a tantrum. It analyzes every quadrant of the mouth and gives the best way to brush effectively. It also uploads and stores reports in the cloud, which parents can later review and reward their kids accordingly. With games like Monster Chase, Toothy Orchestra, and Brush-a-pet, the only issue that will arise in the morning would be making the decision to play which game for the day!

*Grush smart toothbrush is shipping now. Check it out here: http://www.grushgamer.com/

*All images courtesy: Grush Gamer

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