Drinking water is essential for survival but how many of us drink the right amount of water to stay healthy and hydrated?

Sure we all ‘drink’ enough water and haven’t had any problems so far (touch-wood) but how long do you think it will be before it becomes an issue. We all lead such busy lives that even drinking water for our well-being seems like a task to be completed. How nice would it be if our water bottles reminded us every hour or two to drink some water and stay healthy? Well, with Moikit’s Seed, that dream would soon become a reality.

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Seed is a smart water bottle that reminds you to drink water at the right intervals and monitors your water intake. Now, with a water bottle that reminds us to drink water, life becomes pretty easy especially if we are in the fast lane. But Seed doesn’t do just that. It also measures the water temperature (so you can check it before giving to maybe a baby?) and tracks the amount of time that the water has been stored in the bottle. If the water is unfit to drink, it will tell you so. This feature is particularly important because a lot of times, we don’t bother to see when the water was filled in the bottle; we just see that it is closed and take a sip!

Sure a smart water bottle sounds amazing but doesn’t the very thought of charging your water bottle as well (along with the multitude of gadgets that we use every day) annoy you? Fortunately, Seed’s technology is so advanced that it uses very less power and the battery lasts for more than a year! And no, it is not rechargeable but easily replaceable. Seed also connects to a few health apps (like Apple’s health app) and helps in monitoring the water intake. And because of it being a vacuum bottle, it keeps drinking water cold for 24 hours and hot for 19 hours, thereby doubling as a flask as well.

If you talk to a fitness trainer, they will tell you the importance of being in a diet and all that but they will also mention about how important it is to maintain your water levels. Even while talking about staying healthy and reducing weight, not many talk about the importance of water in the process. With Seed, drinking water becomes easier and our lives become healthier. If this is not the easiest way to stay healthy, then what is?

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