Smart wallets are quite the rage now. An age-old and extremely common habit of losing or misplacing one’s wallet has fuelled this rage so much that companies have integrated technology with your wallet to make sure that you don’t lose it ever again! So, with your mobile phone, you can easily find your wallet and the technology works vice-versa too! With smart wallets gaining increasing popularity, we bring to you the 4 best smart wallets (in no particular order) to choose and buy from!

1. Walli – The smart wallet

Walli is a smart wallet that connects to your phone and sends you notifications if you forget it somewhere. As soon as you cross a particular threshold, your wallet will instantly remind you that you don’t have it with you. Not just that, it works both ways. You can use your wallet to track your phone too. Tapping on your wallet twice will activate your phone’s ringer even if it is on silent mode! Another interesting feature to note about Walli is that it reminds you if you have forgotten your card somewhere too! And it doesn’t need charging. Walli has enough space to store 3 credit cards, 3 business cards, 1 passport, some cash (it has a cash pocket) and 1 boarding pass too. You may think that Walli must be pretty bulky if it can store all this but that is where you will be pleasantly surprised. Walli looks sleek and beautiful and it is an ideal gift when you are introducing someone to a smart wallet.

walli smart wallet

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2. Woolet – The slimmest smart wallet that you’ll never lose

Woolet is a charming smart wallet that is like your pet dog; it alerts you every time you leave your wallet behind. It is just 9.9mm thin and fits snugly into your pocket and provides you with enough space to keep your credit cards and cash. An interesting feature about Woolet is that is can charge wirelessly and so you don’t have to hunt for replaceable batteries every six months or so. But if you think you have to keep charging it every day, think again; it only needs to be charged every two years. That gives you enough time to use your Woolet to the fullest. It also has a hidden pocket for you to keep your key or card safely, in case it ever gets into the wrong hands. Woolet is fairly straightforward, look delightful, and is definitely worth a try for people who prefer being simple than getting into complicated technology.

woolet smart wallet

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3. Ekster – A new payment experience

The Ekster wallet looks classy and it is quite the smart wallet. As is the norm with every smart wallet, it immediately alerts you if your wallet is out of range and tracks it so you can find out where it is. I really liked Ekster’s ad explaining the wallet and its features. Check it out The button that gives you easy access to your credit cards is a highlight of this wallet and it is not available in other smart wallets. It also has a removable strap that can be used to store extra cash or a new card without adding to the weight of the wallet. It also has a rechargeable battery and the battery’s life is 6 months. An interesting feature of Ekster is its Backup Trace function using which we can remotely activate our phone’s camera so you can see its location and who took it! I’d recommend Ekster to a slightly advanced smart wallet user and a slightly older audience because of its classy, sophisticated appearance.

ekster smart wallet

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4. Wocket – The smartest wallet you’ll ever own

Wocket is more of a smart credit card wallet than an actual wallet but the technology is pretty useful for people who use a lot of credit/debit cards. The Wocket doesn’t require a smartphone to connect or authorize it with. All you need to do to authorize your cards is plug in the adapter that it comes with and swipe your cards and it will automatically store all the details that it needs. Once you are done with that, all you need to do is select the card on which you would like to do the transaction and remove the ‘master card’ that will automatically function as the card you selected and swipe it. The Wocket is a touch screen wallet with very limited storage capacity but if you have all your card details in one spot with a master card that can be converted into the credit/debit card that you need, you don’t need to carry a heavy wallet every time you step out. The Wocket is a smart wallet that I would recommend to people who use a lot of cards and carry around bulky wallets to store all those cards!

wocket smart wallet

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In conclusion, smart wallets are definitely heading towards the right direction, even at the initial stages and I’m sure pretty soon, we’re all going to be using them because let’s face it: we all need a tracker for our wallets and we all need wallets that will track our phones too!

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