Print live photos! Yes, you read that right. Now before you go off into a magical Harry Potter dream, LifePrint does print live photos… in a fashion. Before we get to that, LifePrint is a mobile app and a portable printer with a difference. The LifePrint app integrates all your pictures from Social Media or any other sources into one and provides easy connectivity from the portable printer to the app. So, getting prints out of the LifePrint printer is an easy task but what’s special about LifePrint is Augmented Reality.

How amazing would it be if you could print your videos and store physical copies of it? With LifePrint and its Augmented Reality HyperPhoto technique, you can do just that. Just shoot the video and print it and you can relive the video over and over again by viewing the photo through the app! While the photo in itself doesn’t move, by showing it under the app, you can have a physical copy of the ‘video’ in your album and show it through the app whenever you want to see it again. This also works with Apple’s Live Photos!

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Now, in this digital era, it would be very easy to just store the video on your phone and forget about it. But you and I both know that nothing beats the feeling of actually holding a physical copy of a picture and seeing it in high clarity. Printed photos are definitely here to stay with the rise of portable printers and with LifePrint, it just gets better and better.

Besides printing Live Photos, LifePrint also offers high quality photo prints that are printed using ZINK paper and thereby requires no ink cartridge to be bought separately. All you need to do it replace the ZINK papers once they are used. They also have the option of sticky film, so you can directly print the photo and stick it wherever you want to, without hunting for glue or whatever. It prints out the photos in 30 seconds and on one full charge, can print 10-15 photos. But don’t worry, it takes only an hour to get charged. And the maximum length for a HyperPhoto is 15 seconds, which I believe is more than enough for a photo.

LifePrint is very promising and unique in the sense that we can print live photos from it. LifePrint is scheduled to ship from September 2016.

Check out how it works:


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