Imagine going on a long hike and finding yourself out of water when you need it the most. Well, with Fontus, you may never have to face that kind of a situation. Fontus is a self-filling water bottle that pulls moisture from the air whenever you go hiking and converts it into drinkable water. You don’t ever have to worry about looking for natural sources to quench your thirst; Fontus pretty much takes in natural resources and converts them into water for you.

Fontus self filling water bottle

So how does Fontus work?

There are two versions of the Fontus: The Ario and The Ryde. The basic principle behind Fontus’ technology is using solar energy to convert humid air into drinkable water. Fontus has a Peltier Element from which it facilitates condensation by sucking in air and cools it to form water; it basically uses natural elements and passes them through an artificial condensation chamber to convert it into water. A Fontus can generate up to 0.5 litres of water in one hour. It is not much but in certain extreme situations, that 0.5 litres of water can make much difference.

Check out the Fontus in action here:

For people worried about bugs and other outdoor contaminants, the Fontus has a filter through which it filters out unwanted waste. Ideally, the Fontus is great for usage in places where there is high humidity. It can basically act as a source of freshwater in these regions. If the temperature is around 20 degree Celsius and the humidity is around 50 percent, the Fontus works its magic the best!

The Fontus is designed by Austrian designer Kristof Retezár who has big plans for his self-filling technology. He plans to advance this technology and eventually use them in water-scarce, high humid areas to generate freshwater without depleting too much of nature’s resources. And it could well become a reality soon because Fontus primarily uses solar energy to power itself and wind and moisture to condense them into water.

The Fontus may be ideally suited for hikers right now but the possibilities of doing great things with this technology are endless! Imagine using renewable sources of energy to solve the world’s biggest, yet hardly taken seriously problem: water scarcity.


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