Miito is a smart kettle that helps us heat liquid in whatever vessel that we want to. Imagine wanting to drink a hot cup of tea. You end up filling way too much water in the kettle and wasting almost half of it. Now imagine taking your favourite mug, filling it with just enough water for you to drink and heating your mug directly! With Miito, it is now possible.

Miito believes in conservation of energy. According to a survey, the energy used by overfilling electric kettles can be used to light all of England’s street lights for a night! Based on this survey, Miito was created to conserve energy and make lives easier for everyone.

Miito doesn’t just boil water but also boils liquids like milk or baby food. Another interesting feature is that it allows us to set the temperature to which we want to heat the liquid. For a perfect tea, you can heat your mug up to 90 degree Celsius. With this temperature control, you know exactly how hot your liquid is, which makes it very comfortable to use.

Miito has an induction base and a long elegant rod with a disc at the end that is used to heat the liquid. Just place your mug on the induction base and immerse the rod in the liquid to heat it. The base will create an electromagnetic field that will heat the disc on the rod, which in turn will heat the liquid it is immersed in. Miito is also very easy to clean because all you have to do is clean the rod under running water and clean the base like you would clean any electronic device. The current version of Miito requires it to be plugged in to work but they are working on a solar powered Miito as well, which is on the pipeline.

Miito claims to boil 250ml of water in under a minute. However, the speed of heating all depends on the thickness of the vessel in which the liquid is and the thickness of the liquid also. And it works on almost all kinds of materials! Miito can heat soup, milk, or any other gravy as long as it is in the liquid form. Heating solid will lead to burning if not monitored carefully, so why take the risk?

Miito is highly efficient and useful when it comes to our everyday lives. A smart kettle is much better than a regular one because so many of us use only a little amount of water from the kettle and discard the rest. As for heating other liquids, the entire process of boiling milk in one container and transferring them to mugs and making coffee or tea with them only adds on to the pile of dishes in the corner. I’d rather mix all the ingredients in one cup and use Miito to heat it and serve, wouldn’t you?

Check out the Miito in action:


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