A smart case that increases battery charge and storage for the iPhone gives iPhone users much reason to cheer. Only iPhone users know the pain and struggle of battery or memory drain at a crucial moment and it leads to so much anger that people regret buying the iPhone! Now, why go to such extremes when there is technology like Kuke that has been discovered just to solve this issue?

Kuke is a smart case that offers up to 70% extra battery life and up to 64GB extra storage for the iPhone 6/6 Plus/6S and 6S Plus. Before you go around imagining extra cables or bulk, the Kuke is a phone case (yes you read that right!) and it is a slim and stylish one at that. Just slap on the case to your phone and you’re good to go! The smart case is integrated with the Kuke App, which makes it easy to store all your memories in one easy-to-use app. You can also sync the case with your computer or Mac and it will work just like a USB flash drive; no hassle of syncing to iTunes and going through that process!

Now, with a smart case comes smart responsibility. So we need to carry the case and its charger with us at all times, right? Wrong! The Kuke case can be charged using your phone charger itself. First, the cable charges your phone and then it charges the case! So all you have to do is charge the phone with its case on and you’re good to go!

smart case kuke

The Kuke app pretty much supports formats that are generally used. For music it supports mp3 and m4a; for videos it supports mp4, mov, avi, mkv, mpg, and wmv; and for documents it supports word, excel, powerpoint, and PDF.

With Kuke smart case, all you need to do is take your phone (which also functions as a flash drive) and go through your day by watching videos on the commute, listening to music on your way back from work, click pictures of special moments during the day, and do all this without worrying about battery or memory! Wouldn’t we all like that?

Check out the Kuke smart case in action:

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