While browsing the App Store for games for kids, I came across a new game called The Green Monster. Now parents who are searching for games for kids on their App Store know that they want cute stuff that will keep their kids occupied and entertained for a while. That is what The Green Monster game is!

The Green Monster is an iOS game that can be enjoyed by adults and kids alike. We are introduced to a cute character: a green monster (like you did not guess that already) but it isn’t a scary one. The Green Monster is forever hungry and it flies through the night, gobbling up gold coins to satisfy its hunger. But it has to be careful: if it hits the pipes while flapping its wings, the game is over. The Green Monster is kind of like Flappy Bird except that it is not as annoying as Flappy Bird and it is for kids (sure!).

I love how the creator has used a cute monster that will remain in our minds and not some character that will fade from memory as soon as we exit the game. It is a good way to keep your kids busy and it will also improve their gaming ability because of the nature of the game. You can compete with other kids and people using Game Center and has challenging achievements that are unlocked as the game progresses. The music is catchy and you find yourself humming it long after the game is over.

games for kids the green monster

The Green Monster comes in a free and a pro version where the latter doesn’t have ads. Check out the fun game! Download it here or search for The Green Monster in the App Store!

*Android version coming soon!

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