Now you can turn any TV into touchscreen with the new Touchjet Wave. Instead of shelling out lots of money to buy a touchscreen TV, investing in the Touchjet Wave will enable you to turn any TV into touchscreen and enjoy quality TV-viewing time.

It is kind of hard to believe that a small gadget could turn any TV into touchscreen but the Wave proves your wrong every single time. The Wave works on any flat screen TV from the sizes 20’’ to 80’’. All you need to do is make sure that your TV has an HDMI input and you are good to go! You also don’t have to invest in a new Smart TV because the Wave does it for you. With the Wave, you can connect to the internet and download and use apps just like you would on a smart TV but with broader possibilities. The best part is that your phone app acts as a remote control for the Wave.

turn any tv into touchscreen

If you border on the slight OCD angle and hate to have fingerprints on your TV, the Wave seems to have covered that too with the Wave stylus. The Wave also comes with a camera so you can make Skype calls from your TV to your loved ones; literally watch them on the big screen.

So how does the Wave turn any TV into touchscreen?

According to their website, ‘The WAVE uses bleeding edge infrared technology to track finger movements and taps across the screen. The data is sent to the WAVE’s LPU (light processing unit) which translates these infrared inputs into gestures and taps that the Android system can understand.’

An interesting aspect of the Wave is that it can be used for both work and office. You can use the Wave as an interactive whiteboard and get access to a huge variety of apps like PowerPoint, Evernote, MightyMeeting, and so on.

By just clipping on a small device on top of your TV, you can turn any TV into touchscreen and a smart TV. All you need to do is make sure that the Wave is connected to its AC adapter and your TV has an HDMI slot. It’s quite amazing what the Wave can do: revolutionize TV viewing in a small package.

Check out the TouchJet Wave in action:

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