Ditto is a modern day pager-like device that alerts you to any important notification or call that your phone receives. However, don’t think of a bulky device with a display when we say pager because Ditto is anything but that. Ditto is small, sleek, fancy, and easy to hide from plain sight. Ditto fancies itself as a modern day pager-like device because it does something similar to the pager: notifies you when you get a call or a message.

Ditto has no display, no speaker, no charging cables, in short, no extra accessories that make it a burden to carry around. All you have to do is connect the Ditto to your phone using Bluetooth and you are good to go.

A modern day pager-like device that is most needed for us!

We all have missed important calls or messages because either we are busy with something else, or we have lost our phones in our bags and couldn’t hear it with all the noise around. What do we do because of that? We keep glancing at our phones without bothering to mingle with our surroundings and are constantly distracted because we are worried we’ll miss that notification. With Ditto, you can assign important contacts and it will vibrate when we get a call or a message from those contacts. This way, you don’t have to keep glancing at your phone; you can relax and let Ditto do its job.

Another feature about Ditto is that it is waterproof! It is waterproof enough for you to go swimming and so, even while doing your favourite activity, you don’t have to worry about missing any calls. Ditto is so portable that you can clip it on your clothes and hide it from plain sight because of its small size. Ditto also comes with a strap so you can wear it on your hand like a watch, in case you don’t feel comfortable having it on your clothes.

This modern day pager-like device is small, classy, and does its job well. It doesn’t need cables to charge itself; it sends you a notification if its battery is low and you can replace the low-cost battery easily. But you don’t need to worry about battery life for a long time. Ditto also has a customized alarm so you can wake up without disturbing anyone else. Just set your alarm and the Ditto will vibrate accordingly; enjoy the noiseless alarm.

A modern day pager-like device is highly needed at a time when people are glued to their phones, worried about missing out on important things. With Ditto, you can take care of the important things, while still having time for more important things like friends and family.

Check out the Ditto in action:

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