Bluesmart is a smart suitcase that is the need of the hour. We all have had wished for a smart suitcase that wouldn’t get lost, that would let us know if we left it somewhere, that would tell us how much it weighed, and even lets us charge our phones during a time of need. Bluesmart is just that!

Bluesmart is a smart suitcase that takes care of our travel needs, thereby making sure that we focus on other things than be fixed on our impeding travel. Its smart lock technology makes sure that you can lock and unlock it using only your app. You get a notification every time someone else tries to open it and so you know if it has been tampered with.

You can also charge your phone or any other device with its built-in battery, for up to 6 times! And it has an easy access area in which you can store all your electronics. Mind you, this feature is great because you don’t have to go through the hassle of stuffing all your electronics in your bag during security checks; just slide it in the pocket and you’re good to go.


Every airline has different weight restrictions even for hand baggage! And every time we pack something we run in search of a scale to make sure that we don’t have to pay extra for baggage (apart from all the other costs!). With a smart suitcase like Bluesmart, we don’t have to worry about it because of its in-built digital scale. Just pull up the suitcase handle and know the weight!


The app that is connected to the suitcase is a bit more comprehensive. It gives you notifications about your trips, tells you about the status of your suitcase and its battery, and works according to your travel needs (you just need to configure it).

But the best feature of this smart suitcase is its GPS tracker. We have all been privy to lost luggage and the huge process it undergoes before we even get it back (if ever!). It is even worse on international routes with all the transit and the layover. Added to this travel stress is the stress about losing your luggage and any important things with it. But with Bluesmart’s GPS tracker, it is easy to know the location of your suitcase and makes it easier to find out where it is.

Travelling is pretty stressful in itself. Add baggage woes to the mix and even people who love travelling will start dreading it. But with a smart suitcase like Bluesmart, it seems like people will start enjoying travelling without hassles and let’s face it: it’s high time we had a smart suitcase in the market isn’t it?

There is one small issue with the Bluesmart: Its pricing is a bit high for a suitcase but since it is a smart suitcase, I think we can go with a one-time investment!

The Bluesmart:

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