First world problems…..let’s face it…we all have them!

We live in a world where a working class person interacts more with his/her smartphone than with the people around. (Remember that time when your girlfriend introduced you to her friends and you had to resort to scrolling through your mobile apps to fill the silent awkward spaces?)

It’s no wonder that some of our major first world problems are spawned by minor ergonomic design flaws in the gadgets we use every day; flaws that aren’t too apparent to an average Joe or Jane, right until these minute design glitches interfere in our day to day interactions.

And that is certainly no exaggeration, just ask the users of smartphones with cracked screens that resemble modern art (the ones who don’t have Jell-O for fingers that is).

And once in a while, there comes a product that ingeniously turns the table on these glitches and makes you go “why hadn’t they thought of this earlier?”

Introducing MuConnect a simple, micro solution to two of the major hurdles a smartphone user faces while charging his/her smartphone: breaking the display while tripping over the charging cable and faster charging!



Picture this, it’s been a long day at work, your phone is running dangerously low on charge.

You connect your smartphone to a plug point, you hear the beep…and all is well with the world. But you fumble for a moment while walking away from the cord, you hit the cord and you watch helplessly as your cable drags your phone away to smartphone heaven ….

Yeah, we have all been there.

Now picture this: you have your little “oops” moment, but instead of your smartphone paying the price for it, you watch the power of a neodymium magnet in play as the phone detaches from the cable in one smooth motion.

In simple words, your phone doesn’t get detached even if you trip over the charging cable because of the powerful magnet in place! So, you don’t have to worry about breaking your phone display while charging because let’s face it: we have all been there and it is not cheap to fix! Besides, once the display is gone, even if you do replace it with an original display, it’s never the same!

So how does MuConnect work?

MuConnect comprises of a pin that fits into your smart phone and a connector. The connector and the pin are magnetically attached to each other and can be detached easily on applying torque. The magnet makes it absolutely easy to find the charging port, and no more fumbling while trying to plug it in, because, guess what ? The connector is bi-directional unlike the usual orthodox smartphone cable. (Android users…..this is when you start applauding).

The connector comes with an LED to make things easier in the dark and the pin comes with a silicon ring that prevents water or dust from entering the port.

Faster charging

Tired of plugging your phone to your laptop and waiting for an entire decade for it to get completely charged?

Yes, it feels like a decade, just ask Einstein.

MuConnect takes care of that as well by making the charging rate twice as fast as before, by shutting down data sync when you don’t need it so as to avoid unnecessary consumption of power that can be used to charge your phone instead.

MuConnect does that by allowing the user to switch seamlessly between the normal data sync mode and the fast charging mode

Two timing is inefficient and is trouble….

The people at Conzumex industries don’t discriminate on the basis of race, gender or on the basis of your smartphone’s OS: MuConnect comes with 2 variants Android and Apple IOS, and no you don’t have to change your case to accommodate MU connect.

Too good to be true?


You’re right unfortunately, because MuConnect exists only as a prototype currently. However, you can bring this to life by funding it at Indiegogo.

Check out the MuConnect in action:

*Contributed by Nitin Surnameless: Facebook and Twitter

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