Valentines Day is round the corner and everywhere people are gearing up to surprise their loved ones by planning something romantic. In Dubai, there are a number of options to dine-out in a romantic setting, book a getaway, or the most extravagant one that I’ve heard: Anantara The Palm Dubai’s 399,000 dhs Valentines Day experience. While you may go ahead with the extravagant packages that are being offered, the focus of this post is not that. I am listing out a few regular things that you can do in Dubai without burning a hole through your pocket but making it a romantic night anyway. I believe that it’s the thought and the small efforts that you put in to personalize this night that will make it all the more memorable (not saying that the extravagance won’t be memorable but hey, I’m not uber rich :P)

1. First step, think of a personalized gift

Women love diamonds, perfume, and make up and men love gadgets, cars, and bikes. Don’t get carried away by such stereotypes. If there is something that both men and women love, it is something personalized; something that makes them feel special and loved. Now the ideas I list out are for men and women to give their significant others; there’s no gender role involved here. You could revive the art of writing a love letter or list a few things to say why they are so special to you. You could print and frame your favourite memories together or if you buy them something, engrave or carve a love message. You could arrange for a string of love messages to be sent to their mobile throughout the day or record a video saying all the things you love about them. These are just a few ideas off the top of my head but the more personalized you make it, the more they will love you for it.

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2. Plan a date night

You don’t have to dine out to plan a date night. If the budget is tight, stay at home but make that night different than the usual. If you like cooking (even if you don’t there’s YouTube) make something different: you could do it together or as a surprise. Arrange for a table and light a candle at the balcony and have home-cooked food together. Keep your mobile aside or better yet switch them off and focus only on each other. Discuss about random things, hopes, and dreams, and not about family issues and what not! Play some music on your laptop and dance around the house (you don’t have to be good at it; you can just jump around and it won’t matter). Arrange your bed to form a private theatre and watch a movie together. You don’t have to spend a lot to be romantic. Little things like this work too!

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3. Step outside and let your hair down

If you are more of an outdoor type couple, plan a night out. No, you don’t have to do the typical restaurant dinner drill. Take a long walk on the sidewalk. Or get on the metro and ride it from end to end. Rent a car and drive down to your favourite spot. If you are the partying type, go to a club and dance away the night. Book a one night getaway and hit the road. Many restaurants in Dubai offer Valentines Day romantic dinner options at affordable rates: book one and take your significant other with you. Go on an overnight desert safari because nothing says romantic than sitting under the stars on the cool desert and talking all night. Or go on the Dhow Cruise (many Valentines Day options are available). If you are an adrenaline junkie, book a SkyDive experience and go for it. Or go to one of the many waterparks available in Dubai and spend your day there! Whatever you do, remember it has to be about just the two of you with no interruptions.

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4. Go traditional

If you are the traditional type then celebrate Valentines Day in the same way too. Although if I may suggest a small change in routine, go for a chocolate bouquet than the red roses one. No one can say no to chocolates. Besides it is a much better alternative to throwing the roses away after a few days. Arrange for the chocolate bouquet to be delivered to your significant other’s workplace. Include a personal love note with it to make it more special. Gift them their favourite brand of perfume or a new wallet/purse or a pair of shoes; basically anything that they might have been demanding for quite some time (or not!). Take them out for a romantic dinner and stroll around the restaurant afterwards. If you go back home immediately after the dinner it becomes routine! No, take that walk together. Sit on the beach in silence. Soak in all the love. There’s absolutely nothing wrong in being traditional. Take pride in that.

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These are a few things that you could do on Valentines Day and I hoped I helped a few clueless people out through this! Girls, don’t expect your guy to do everything for you; there’s nothing wrong in you treating them this night too! And guys, remember, girls love it when you put your thought and effort into even the smallest of things. Show them how special they are to you this Valentines Day. Good luck and let me know how it goes!

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Love is in the air!
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