Having a helpful home robot will soon become a reality for many households thanks to Robit: an affordable home robot that operates on apps. Now, don’t expect a full-fledged robot that does all your chores for you. But Robit seems to be a trendsetter for future home robots to come. You can use Robit to do your work using mobile apps, thereby giving you full control of what it can do. Robit just wants to help.

So what can this home robot do?

Robit is not a fully advanced robot with complex manoeuvres that will fight crime and save the world (don’t watch too much sci-fi). However, this cute home robot will wake you up in the morning, scan food through its eyes and warn you about your calorie intake, ensure that your pets don’t mess up the house when you’re not at home, notify you when your kids come home so you can video call and chat through Robit, play with your kids, and most of all, find your keys when you lose them. Apart from this Robit can also teach you new languages and teach your kids how to program.

hzrukitz9xkx1hyxxl3tThis home robot works on detection; once you teach it that this is a trustworthy face, it gets stored in its memory. And if a stranger comes into view, it immediately takes a picture and sends it to your app so you can make sure that it is someone you know. But a small issue with this feature is that it asks the stranger to look into its eyes so it can take a picture. How many ‘strangers’ would be willing to do that? It is yet to be known if a person has to look into its eyes for it to click a picture and send it through the app.

home robot robit

The Robit comes with a few extensions like a small tray, gas and smoke detectors, and a small missile launcher, which I believe is for play-time.

This home robot is cute, affordable, and does things that would be nice for us to skip around the house once in a while: I don’t want to be searching for my keys over and over again; I’d rather have help. When you come home tired from work, it would be nice to kick back and relax while a small robot takes care of things like teaching your kids or keeping your pets away from the furniture. This is just the beginning and I’d like to think of it as a practice for us for when the fully automated home robots roll out.

Check out the Robit in action:


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