Imagine having edible water bottles that are shaped like a blob of water rather than going through the hassle of using plastic bottles to quench our thirst and discarding them. The Ooho water bottle is some revolutionary technology that makes edible and bio-degradable water bottles so you can drink the water and eat the bottle or throw away the bottle without harming the environment. Kind of hard to believe? This is what the Ooho looks like:

edible water bottle

The idea is fresh, exciting, and innovative. This edible water bottle is made out of completely natural ingredients that we can eat (obviously!) and not have any adverse effects. And another amazing thing about this edible water bottle is that it can be made at home; we just need very few ingredients that’s all. The creators of this edible water bottle are keeping it open-sourced so everyone can come up with their own versions and use it.

So why is this edible water bottle useful?

The most useful part about the Ooho is that it is completely environment-friendly and reduces the usage of plastic to a great extent. Imagine if all the bottles in the world were replaced with this? We would live in a much better environment than the current one.

The cost of producing the Ooho is only about two cents. This means, it is lesser than the cost of producing plastic bottles and hence, more available to everyone.

It can be created at home. Imagine going out and just picking up the Ooho rather than heavy bottles that you are going to discard anyway.

Ooho is still a work in progress with a few challenges. For example, the packaging of the Ooho has to be designed in such a way that it doesn’t contaminate the water. Also, the packaging has to be environment friendly as well otherwise this edible water bottle is counter-productive. There is also the issue of making the bottle re-sealable. Apart from that, the edible water bottle needs to be strong enough to withstand the everyday activities of man.

Every innovation comes with its share of troubles. But this is one innovation that needs to be worked on extensively and spread out to the market as early as possible because it could possibly reduce some of the severe plastic damage inflicted on our home: The Earth.

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