Twitter’s new algorithm has been rolled out worldwide today and we bring to you what is new in it and what is not.

While initially there was an uproar on Twitter about these algorithm changes, with the hashtag #RIPTwitter trending, now it seems like there was much ado about nothing. I guess the big guns at Twitter saw the public backlash and decided to tweak down its algorithm settings. Twitter’s new algorithm is tame, doesn’t offer much, and most importantly, can be turned off if needed. Unlike Facebook, which forces down what it thinks is best for you to view, Twitter’s new algorithm gently nudges you in that direction but doesn’t push you down the road.

When I activated Twitter’s new algorithm, I couldn’t see much of a difference actually, except that I could see Tweets from 2 minutes ago rather than just 2 seconds (at the top of my feed). It is pretty simple to activate it from the desktop. You just have to go to Settings and under Content, activate the check box which says Show me the best Tweets first (under Timeline).

Right now, Twitter is fine. Especially because it gives us the option to turn off these ‘best Tweets.’ But if in the future, Twitter becomes a monster and pushes the timeline algorithm down our throats, it is going to lose all its charm and become just another Facebook. And if it removes its 140 character limit according to rumours, then it loses its novelty too. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen.

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