Wearable cameras are a real thing and becoming more minimalistic by the minute. The idea of capturing memories without bulky or complicated equipment is being improved upon constantly and is giving rise to many unique and innovative gadgets. Among those gadgets is Narrative, a tiny clip-on camera that captures moments on the go and with minimum effort from your part.

Narrative is a wearable camera that you have to clip-on, like a badge, and you’re good to go. The camera is tiny, square, and blends in well with your clothes. So, from a fashion point of view, it is fine. The camera, according to their website, clicks a picture every 30 seconds but you can customize it using the Narrative app. When placed face-down, the camera doesn’t operate but when placed camera-lens up, it begins clicking. While the Narrative 1 was exclusively for photos, the Narrative 2 wearable camera shoots videos as well.

wearable camera   narrative-clip2-sweater

The Narrative 2 comes with an 8MP camera and 720p and 1080p HD video recording. It’s definitely an upgrade to the Narrative 1 but it can shoot videos only for a maximum of 30 seconds. That’s not really much considering you’re filming memories but it is still worth a shot. This wearable camera has no buttons, does not need to be synced with your smartphone at all times, is always on, and can last up to 30 hours on a single charge. All you have to do is charge your Narrative just like charging your phone each time and you’re good to go.

What I like most about this wearable camera is its ability to stand on its own. You don’t need to worry about wasting battery life on your phone because it doesn’t need to be connected to anything. All you have to do is sync it with your phone app and get all your pictures on your phone. So, you can transfer and sync your pictures in the comfort of your home without having to waste your battery. Narrative’s in-built memory is a huge plus.

The camera is simple. You can double-tap on it to record a video or click a picture. There aren’t any complicated buttons that confuse you and stop you from clicking a picture at the right time. Face-down, the camera sleeps and face-up the camera works. It is ideal if you take this wearable camera for important events otherwise you will be stuck with a lot of pictures of your everyday activities (1 picture every 10 seconds is a lot) and you have to waste time in filtering them. During an event, hand your friend a Narrative and have one for yourself so both of you are there in all the candid memories that the wearable camera captures. Forget about holding your bulky phone and missing the moment. Enjoy the moment and let Narrative narrate it to you later.

Check out the wearable camera in action:

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