Carpool in Dubai has been a distant dream for many commuters who commute long distances and get stuck in traffic a lot that they take a long time to reach home. Many times, there is a single person in the car and there are many cars out there like that. While taking a taxi seems like a good enough option, financially it becomes a huge cost for daily commuters. So what is a solution that is environment friendly, easy on the pocket, and offers a chance to have a nice, entertaining commute than a long, dreary one? Carpool.

Thanks to Carpool Arabia, the concept of carpool in Dubai is picking up rapidly. Carpool Arabia works in a very easy way and is very convenient. You need to enter your home location and your work location, the time that you start to work and leave from work, and of course some basic details about yourself and you are good to go. Also, you need to register as a driver or a passenger. Once all the details are filled, the app takes some time to find you buddies i.e. people who go along the same way as you and are the best options to carpool. The app also shows you the exact amount you have to pay your fellow driver, the amount you save had you taken a taxi (for a 1 month period), the number of hours you save had you taken public transport, and the amount of CO2 that you save per month.

carpool in dubai

The whole concept of carpool is something we all should adapt in order to be more eco-friendly and to have a chance to connect with new people in the long commute home. By bringing the concept of carpool in Dubai, in a fun and easy way, Carpool Arabia is definitely on the right track here. As far as safety is concerned, it is better if you rate your experience with the driver every time you carpool because although not completely foolproof, it still offers others some insight into what to expect from the driver.

carpool in dubai

Benefits of Carpool in Dubai:

– Eco-friendly: If two people are going to and from the same destination at the usual work hour time, would it be better if they shared the car and the fuel expenses or if they went separately in their own cars?

– Economical: Imagine having to take taxis from say, Dubai to Abu Dhabi every day. Most of your salary would be spent on transport and nothing else. By using the carpool in Dubai, you can save lots on transport.

– Fun: Driving alone quietly to work can become annoying. Imagine getting to meet new people and having interesting conversations that broadens your mind than sitting alone and letting dark thoughts get to you. Who knows, you may even get to meet your next best friend!

-Forget about traffic: If each person uses a single car for themselves to go from the same neighbourhoods to the same workplace area, you are bound to be stuck in traffic for a long time. However, imagine if you are a group of four guys and you decide to carpool and have a fun commute to work every day. Wouldn’t that reduce traffic as well?

Carpool Arabia has pioneered the concept of carpool in Dubai and in a way that is beneficial to both passengers and drivers. The more we adapt to carpool in Dubai and in the world, the better we can make it a traffic-free, eco-friendly place to live.

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