A smart keyboard for smartphones is the need of the hour. How many times have we wanted to send someone a contact or attach a document but we have to toggle between apps to do so. For example, if I have to send a contact to my friend, I need to toggle between my phonebook and my messaging screen so I can copy and paste it and then send it to her. How comfortable would it be if I could attach whatever I want to without having to dig in between different apps for a simple task?

Presenting Microsoft Garage’s latest project: The Hub Keyboard. The Hub Keyboard is a smart keyboard for Android phones (for now, the iOS version comes later) that lets you do all the actions you need without having to toggle between apps. Now a smart keyboard does not get its name without reason and the Hub Keyboard has a lot of cool features that give it the title. While sending a mail, you don’t have to change screens to attach a file: you can access files right from your keyboard. Or instead of hunting for a recent message that you copied on your clipboard and mail it to someone by switching apps, just access recently copied messages from your keyboard.


Is a friend praising you or teasing you in a foreign language? Find out with the translate option of the Hub smart keyboard and get back at them. You don’t have to switch between apps to find out where you have saved a document; just search from your keyboard itself. And the same goes for contacts too! Just search the name of the contact in your smart keyboard and send it across!

This smart keyboard is pretty functional and does what it claims to do: makes using our smartphones a lot easier. I am a bit disappointed that they haven’t released it for iOS yet but I guess the wait would be worth it. What I am worried about is its integration with apps that don’t come under the Microsoft banner. If you are a full-on Microsoft user, then this smart keyboard is definitely handy. In fact, you would be the hit of the crowd with your cool, quick actions from the comfort of your smart keyboard. The verdict is still out on the Hub Keyboard because Microsoft has just launched it today (24th February, 2016). We will have to wait and see, I guess.

See the smart keyboard in action

*The Microsoft Hub Keyboard is still in the experimental stage. So many other features may be added in the future to make it a truly smart keyboard: one that we can love and use.

*Images Source: Microsoft Garage Website

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