Many of you might have read the heading and wondered what a caffeine bracelet is. It is kind of what you think it is; no more suspense: a caffeine bracelet is a bracelet that you slap on your wrist and get the energy you get from drinking coffee, without having to drink a cup of coffee. Think of it like an energy bracelet (if you must) that supplies your body with caffeine to give you the much needed energy boost required for you to go through the day.

Introducing Joule, the world’s first caffeine bracelet that gives you your daily dose of energy. While we can’t even think about beginning our day without coffee, we tend to ignore the harmful side-effects that coffee has on our body. We focus on the caffeine rush we get from coffee (tea, for some people) that we don’t realize the perils we put our body through. To start with, many of us hate ‘coffee breath.’ And in a bid to avoid that, we pop some mints and go through our day. So, to prevent one adversity we get used to another one. Coffee also has many other effects like blood sugar issues, stained teeth, headache (although some believe that drinking coffee relieves headache), anxiety, and not to mention the weight gain by piling on empty calories.

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Now, I’m not saying coffee is entirely bad but we do choose to ignore the negative effects it gives us. With Joule, you get all the good stuff that coffee gives us and you get to be healthy too.

So how does this caffeine bracelet work?

Joule uses the concept of transdermal administration to ensure that your body gets enough caffeine to get you through the day. To put it simply, our skin absorbs the caffeine from the caffeine bracelet. This process is highly effective when there isn’t too much fat blocking the absorption, which is why the wrist is a perfect option.

Another advantage of Joule is that it administers caffeine over 4 hours, so that your body gets used to the caffeine content and prevents any adverse reactions. If you need some more caffeine at the end of 4 hours, just slap on another patch and you’re good to go.


Well, for starters, you can avoid all the above mentioned side-effects to your body. Plus, if you are someone like me, someone who doesn’t drink coffee or tea but still needs a caffeine fix, the Joule is a dream come true. Apart from that, it looks fancy so you can just slap it on your wrist (men and women) and step out with a burst of energy.

So, use caffeine bracelets and enjoy a healthy life. Oh and as for your ‘coffee breaks’ at work? Time to think of something else to do during your break.

Check out the Joule in action:

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