We all face troubles trying to sleep well at night. In fact, getting a good night’s sleep is a dream come true for many. We all have had that toss and turn every night, with the day’s stress catching up on us and preventing us from getting that magic sleep we so desire. But with Sleep Shepherd Blue, you can put all your troubles to rest and sleep well throughout the night!

So, how can you sleep well with the Sleep Shepherd Blue?

The only thing difficult about the Sleep Shepherd Blue is to say the name without bumbling. The Sleep Shepherd Blue (SSB) is a blue-coloured band that you fit around your head and let technology ensure that you sleep well for the night. The SSB headband is adjustable and has a left ear sensor and speaker pouch, a right ear sensor and speaker pouch, and a forehead sensor. These sensors track your brainwaves and monitor your sleep patterns. Connect the SSB to the Companion app and you get to see deeper insights than any sleep tracking app in the market. It will show you your sleep patterns and your head orientations (meaning you know what side you sleep most on: right, left, and back). While monitoring your brainwaves, the SSB administers precise binaural beats using a biofeedback loop so that it encourages sleep and you can sleep well.


If you look at it, the SSB works completely on brainwaves; the kind that sleep analysts track and prescribe what you need most to sleep well. However, the best part of the SSB is its smart alarm. All of us have woken up with a jerk when the alarm sounds, and most of us have hit the snooze button to catch up on those few more precious moments of sleep. With the SSB, once you set your alarm to a particular time, the SSB gradually uses binaural beats to lure you out of your sleep slowly, so that when you wake up, you don’t wake up with a start; you wake up feeling fresh and alert.

Your brainwaves are stored in the headband and you can sync them with the app before switching the headband off. The app gives you a comprehensive report of your sleep patterns so you can analyse them yourself and decide on a course of action so you can sleep well at night. I think I can safely say that with the SSB, all of us can get the much desired sleep and wake up feeling ready to work than depend on coffee to give us our energy boost.

Check out the science behind the Sleep Shepherd Blue:

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