Imagine having a smart doorbell that sends you notifications when someone is at the door and you can see and talk to them from wherever you are. That is what the Skybell is offering in the form of a smart doorbell. The Skybell is a small, handy doorbell that has a camera (also nightvision), microphone, speakers, and motion sensors. When a person rings your doorbell, no matter where you are, you will get a notification on your phone. Once you open the app, you can talk to whoever is on your front door and let them know that you’re not at home.

The Skybell is a WiFi-enabled smart doorbell that uses the WiFi at your home to stream to you, the person who is ringing your doorbell. Sometimes, if someone is peeking through your door without ringing the doorbell, the motion sensors in the doorbell will give you a notification that someone is outside your house, even without them ringing the doorbell. It gives you a sense of satisfaction that your home is safe and that you can monitor it whenever you feel uncomfortable, from wherever you want to.


The Skybell replaces your regular doorbell by using the same two wires that your doorbell is currently connected to. It is strong and durable and can withstand any climatic condition. Another interesting feature about this smart doorbell is its Silent Mode. For people with kids, this feature is a godsend because with the silent mode on, the doorbell doesn’t ring but you get a notification anyway. This way, your kids can continue to sleep without being disturbed by unnecessary (sometimes) interruptions.

However, there are some limitations with the Skybell. It only works when it is connected to power, much like a regular doorbell. So, when there is no power, it loses its value. Another thing is its dependency on WiFi. If there is no power, there is no WiFi and so the doorbell can’t help at that time. Maybe this is something the manufacturers will work on in the future models, when technology becomes so advanced that WiFi works without power or something like that.

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The idea of a smart doorbell is indeed promising because it helps avoid rude shocks and surprises. But it also kind of ruins the idea of a surprise party but everything has its limitations. Although the Skybell does not prevent a robbery or a disaster, it still makes you aware that something is up so you can take action immediately. You can also stay at peace knowing that no matter where you are, with the Skybell, you can always check on home whenever you want to.

Check out the Skybell in action

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