The brains at Google are testing out a new feature: paying for something without using your mobile phone or app but using just your voice. Earlier we had written about the Selfie Pay, MasterCard’s selfie payment app but Google has taken it one step further. Named Hands Free, the app helps you make payments by using voice without having to fumble for cash or credit cards.

So how does Google’s Hands Free work?

Practically speaking, all you have to do is just walk up to the cashier and say I’d like to pay with Google. The cashier then confirms your identity by getting your initials and looking at the picture you updated in the app. Of course, it goes without saying that you register all your card details with the Hands Free app to make the transaction work.

For the techies, according to Google’s Hands Free website, ”The Hands Free app uses Bluetooth low energy, WiFi, location services, and other sensors on your phone to detect whether you are near a participating store.”

The Hands Free way of paying is only active in select stores in the Bay Area, San Francisco (a few McDonald’s and Papa John’s in the area to be precise). Google is still testing out this feature to see how effective it is.

As far as security is concerned, Google guarantees full security while paying using Hands Free because it does not divulge your card information to the stores. You will also get instant notifications once you complete a transaction and will get alerts on any unusual activity.

With Hands Free, you no longer need to fish for cash or credit cards while people wait impatiently in a line behind you or when you are carrying a lot of bags already and are balancing them or most importantly, let your children loose for a few minutes till you find the right change.

Check out Google’s ad for Hands Free

*Stay tuned for more updates.

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