So 2016 is on the move and we are already in March, which is in a hurry to get over as well.

As a working professional there are certain things you can do differently this year to make it a little better and smoother even if market conditions are not good.

There is a vibe around us these days that the market conditions are not good and we are approaching another recession or “probably” already going through it.

So what happens in such a situation? Cost cuts that result in more layoffs, less expenditure, tight job situations, and so on.

I have a golden list of 5 things that can actually change your life in such situations.

Do not wait for the weekend.

It is almost true that we all love weekends and even pure workaholics will tell you that they work on weekends but they take it a “lil” easy and of course “non-workaholics” wait for it every second.

My point is half of our life is “work” and the resources we earn from work actually makes our life. Then why anticipate for a day “without” work when it will eventually come and is inevitable. Weekends will always come so do not wait for it. It will help you live those work days “like a true professional always switched on” and of course you will be on top of your game.

Do not meet but beat a deadline.

Everything has a deadline.Even lunch time has one and if you delay lunch, you will end up having dinner. I mean it will be lunch for you but as per the time it will be dinner. It is always about time isn’t it?

When you are doing a task or a project or a set of projects or “something super big,” plan it accordingly that you finish it well before the deadline. This helps you test it and deliver nicely and prevents you from getting into that dark phase called “last minute panic”. Otherwise forget about waiting for the weekend because I believe you will end up working on weekends too to clear that mess.

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What can be done over the phone need not be done via email.

This reminds me of DiCaprio’s dialogue in Wolf of Wall Street where he motivates his colleagues to just pick up the phone and dial.

Email is a standard form of communication between professionals in organizations and is very much our daily tool to communicate. But we cannot deny the fact that there are issues, misunderstandings, and uneasy situations that are created by emails and that can only be solved over the phone.

For example do not reply to an “angry or upset” email from a client by an email of the same tone. If you know what you are doing and if you know you are on the right side it’s better to call the client and clear the air before replying.Awesome! The problem is solved. It will help you make relationships that last more than exchanging 100000 emails.

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Kill the smallest task first

Your everyday work life is full of tasks (big, small, huge, and problematic ones). Tackle the smallest ones first.It will make you feel good that you are clearing things off your to-do list and will boost your morale to tackle big and problematic tasks with ease.

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Commit and Deliver.

This point relates to point number 2. Do not make false promises. If you know you can deliver a project after considering resources expertise, time, and economically worth it,then set a deadline and go for it. Committing to projects with “unlimited” scope but having limited resources, budget, and deadlines will not only have a negative impact on your work life but will also hit the overall spectrum of your business badly.

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I hope the 5 points above will help you shine at your workplace from now on.

And remember, no matter what happens, it will all work out in the end. ‘Cos that’s how life is.


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