When you talk about essential smartphone needs, a few things immediately come to mind. Things like a portable charger, extra memory to store your files, a phone stand to hold your phone so your hands don’t pain, an easy cable to charge or sync your phone, a mini-torch, etc all come to your mind when you say essential smartphone needs. Now, if we have to have all of this with us every time we are out, we would need a separate bag to carry charger cables, a huge stand, an external hard disk (ok just kidding but you get the drift), and many other things. While these are essential smartphone needs, the extra accessories that come with making these needs actualized tend to anger us quite a bit.

What if I told you that all your essential smartphone needs can be fit into a 1-inch cube?


With WonderCube, you have all your essential smartphone needs fit into a 1-inch cube that you can use on the go! Need to charge your phone, the WonderCube has a cable that extends to about 3-inches and you can use it as a portable powerbank to charge your phone. Or the WonderCube has a slot to which you can connect a 9V battery that is easily available anywhere and go ahead and connect your phone to get it charged. The WonderCube also has a slot to fix in a micro-USB memory card, which will sync to your phone once you connect it, thereby giving you extra space without slowing your phone down.

As far as the portable stand is concerned, the WonderCube has micro-suction cups that will stick to any part of your phone and act as a portrait or landscape stand. Want to copy a few movies from your friend’s system but don’t have the cable? Simply connect your WonderCube and transfer whatever you want. No long cable hassles anymore. The WonderCube also has a mini-torch that you can use without having to power up your phone to open the phone’s torch.


The WonderCube packs all your essential smartphone needs into a cute package that can be hung on a keyring. Rather than carry around long cables to charge or transfer data to and from your phone, sometimes, which you forget at home and have a ‘Oh Crap’ moment, you can use the WonderCube wherever you go because it is wrapped in your keyring. And you cannot leave the house without your keys can you?


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